Erasmus + in Thiene

We - seven students, Salome Ehrenberger, Miriam Seifried, Katharina Kondraschow, Judith Rahm, Maresa Rapp, Sarah Rebhan and Hanna Voß, Ms. Steeb and Mr. Welge - are participants of the Erasmus + Project “Find your Way Though Art”. From the 16th to the 22ndNovember, we went to Thiene where we enjoyed a wonderful week.

Our trip started on Monday morning. After ten hours by train we met our host families for the first time. They took us to our new home for the next week and we spent the evening with them.

On Tuesday morning the school head of Liceo Statale F. Corradini, Alessandra Zuffellato, welcomed all the students and teachers. Afterwards, we went for a walk to visit some historical landmarks in Thiene with musical flair. Later on, we went to the Auditorium “Fonato”, where the students from the different countries introduced themselves. At lunchtime, we had a great welcome by the mayor Giovanni Casarotto at Council Assembly Hall and a tasty lunch buffet. In the afternoon, Italian students taught us some basics of the Italian language and a we learned interesting facts about Art and Numbers. After the lecture we had an Origami Workshop.

On our 3rd day in Thiene, we went to the Venice Conservatory where we watched a piano lesson by Master Massimo Somenzi. After that, we had a guided tour in the opera house “La Fenice”. In the afternoon we spent our free time in Venice. For many of us, it was the first time in this beautiful city and it was great.

The next day, we rehearsed for the highlight of the week: the fantastic charity concert. In the morning, we had a lesson about “Aylan”, a piece of Giovanni Bonato. The composer introduced us personally the background of his piece. In the evening the COM Orchestra, conducted by Sergio Gaparella, performed “Aylan” and Beethoven’s “First Symphony. The other part of the concert was a performance of the guests from Germany, Spain, Finland and Czech Republic.

On Friday, we went again to Venice and visited in small international groups Biennale, an exhibition of Art.

Saturday was our last day in Italy. We had an interesting dancing lecture by the choreographer Chiara Bortoli. After that, we went to Vicenza, to the Paladion Olympic Theatre, the oldest theatre with a roof in the world! It has a great acoustic, so our Finish and Czech friends sang some songs for us. In the afternoon, we heard a presentation about the relation between music and painting in the 20th century. In the evening all the students had a farewell party, before we went home on Sunday morning.

It was a fantastic week, because we met so many different and nice people. We took lots of Impressions which we will never forget and we look forward to the other parts of Erasmus + !